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McHenry Riverwalk Shoppes


Discover McHenry Riverwalk Shoppes: Where Retail Dreams Come to Life

Nestled along the scenic Riverside Drive in McHenry, Illinois, lies a charming retail haven that promises to bring a fresh, vibrant energy to the heart of the city. Welcome to McHenry Riverwalk Shoppes, an innovative retail incubator project debuting this summer at the picturesque Miller Point Park. With its unique concept and diverse array of shops, this is more than just a shopping destination – it’s a journey into the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs and a celebration of local craftsmanship.

A Riverside Haven for Shoppers and Explorers

McHenry Riverwalk Shoppes is not just your typical shopping complex; it’s a meticulously crafted village of discovery. Picture this: a collection of ten retail incubator shops, each with its distinct personality and offerings, beckoning you to explore. From the inviting aroma of handmade candles at Mad Soyentist Candle Company to the rustic charm of Lumber and Twine Store, and the literary wonderland of Little Bean Books – every shop has a story to tell. Set against the backdrop of the serene Riverwalk on Boone Creek, this retail haven is a sensory delight that invites you to take leisurely strolls and immerse yourself in a world of creativity.

Nurturing Business Dreams Through Retail Incubation

What sets McHenry Riverwalk Shoppes apart is its role as a catalyst for business growth. This innovative concept serves as a platform for budding entrepreneurs to test their products and ideas in a real-world retail environment. The village’s tiny shops, measuring 12′ x 12′ and 12′ x 16′, provide an affordable opportunity for these entrepreneurs to showcase their offerings to the local community. The retail incubator program, running from May through December, offers more than just retail space. It’s a comprehensive package that includes educational workshops, one-on-one support, and even Chamber membership, ensuring that every vendor is equipped with the tools they need to thrive beyond the shoppes.

Bridging Past and Future - A Vibrant Tourist Attraction

McHenry Riverwalk Shoppes not only supports emerging businesses but also strengthens the tapestry of McHenry’s downtown area. Situated next to the enchanting Riverwalk, this retail village acts as a bridge connecting established restaurants and shops in both directions. Visitors are invited to create a memorable day of exploration, seamlessly transitioning from the timeless charm of Vintage Mercantile to the cutting-edge gear at Trend Cellar Skateshop. The vibrant synergy between old and new transforms this retail experience into a must-visit tourist attraction, drawing in both locals and travelers alike.

More Details

Whether you’re seeking unique treasures, looking to support local artisans, or simply craving a day of leisurely enjoyment, this charming enclave has something for everyone. Join us in celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship, the allure of creativity, and the joy of community at McHenry Riverwalk Shoppes. Plan your visit today and be a part of this vibrant retail revolution!

Location: McHenry Riverwalk Shoppes 1202 N. Riverside Drive McHenry, IL 60050

Summer Hours: Friday: 10am-6pm Saturday: 10am – 6pm Sunday: 10am – 4pm

Note: Please check with individual shops for additional hours.

For more information, visit their website at

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